About Us


Our vision is to become the largest and leading book distributor in Pakistan and to be the bookselling household name in the Pakistan.


We’re more than just a business. We equally consider our shareholders, our customers, our employees, our community, our planet, and the lives changed by our common cause. Through our business, we strive to enable people to make sustainable positive changes in this world. Thanks to you, we’re well on our way.


Our mission is to provide quality but affordable books for education, entertainment, self-development and self-fulfillment; to all when the need arises.


Our goal is to nurture the wisdom, compassion and healing potentials of the community, insofar as possible for us, through consistently improving our skills and services, and that the result of this shared accomplishment and commitment shall be a staff that is nurtured, protected, and encouraged to develop their own human capacities to the fullest. 

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